Got cooked tea, rejected when I said I would wash up, got my route planned for the day, got lifts to and from the station, happy fucking days! I love my cousin.

I’m going back to Portugal on Thursday ^_^ *appropriate level of excitement*


I haven’t been in about 4 years, bearing in mind I went every summer, sometimes 3 times a year to the place I’m going Thursday, AND I’m going with people who are the shiznitch- another blog needs to be written about people who are that shit and that I miss, silly Peggle Knight who nearly left me, Lauren, who seems to never leave me, people I nearly left behind and people I fucking loved leaving behind.


Right now I miss these two sexpots the most



 I’m currently being cooked sesame and ginger poached chicken, happy days, I dunno about everything but life is pretty sweet today and I’ll take that ^_^

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