Fireflies and Empty Skies.


Tomorrow I need to:

  • Go to uni
  • Go to the library
  • Email Howard about getting a camera for Thursday
  • Get shit done
  • Locate motivation and spray it all over me
  • Feel really fucking good about the productive day I will have had


Left my dark little stale smoke smelling pit and went for a walk the other day, a rare feat

I should do again just to clear my head and realise things are in fact pretty amazing.

Saw a man wrestle a pike out of the reservoir

Wholeheartedly supported, aided and abetted vandalism


Post Rock is where it’s at.

I’m really getting into this sort of post-rock stuff, it makes me think a lot.

Laying in bed, watching Planet Earth and listening to God Is An Astronaut, Explosions In The Sky, Caspian and stuff, it blows my mother fucking mind.



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