Bat Cave, Bat Shit Crazy, Fire.

I thought I’d show you the bat cave as it is right now.

My mum sent me an advent calendar :).



I managed some level of productivity yesterday, didn’t end up the wasteman I woke up as, also I’m filming tomorrow with Dean.

Talented actor Dean Eberhardt:


I’m trying to write a questionnaire/survey on why you would/wouldn’t choose incandescent bulbs over LED bulbs. All I have so far is “why would you choose an incandescent bulb over an LED bulb?”


Plugged in my camera today and found some shit from the past month….

It was a large sausage fest but still,  Fred threw Ms Dynamite all over them and they loved it 🙂

Ms Dynamite a burrn dem ;). I couldn’t be more white.

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One Comment on “Bat Cave, Bat Shit Crazy, Fire.”

  1. PEGG Says:

    LOOOOL at the picture of your desk. I can picture it now: “Quick hide all the smoking paraphernalia in case my mum checks my blog”. You’re right, you couldn’t be more white.

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