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A face and a nob

November 25, 2010

Stunning work safety

A face and a nob.



Bat Cave, Bat Shit Crazy, Fire.

November 24, 2010

I thought I’d show you the bat cave as it is right now.

My mum sent me an advent calendar :).



I managed some level of productivity yesterday, didn’t end up the wasteman I woke up as, also I’m filming tomorrow with Dean.

Talented actor Dean Eberhardt:


I’m trying to write a questionnaire/survey on why you would/wouldn’t choose incandescent bulbs over LED bulbs. All I have so far is “why would you choose an incandescent bulb over an LED bulb?”


Plugged in my camera today and found some shit from the past month….

It was a large sausage fest but still,  Fred threw Ms Dynamite all over them and they loved it 🙂

Ms Dynamite a burrn dem ;). I couldn’t be more white.

Brain. Twin.

November 23, 2010
Pegg: I love you
you fucking emo faggot

Me: yeah same fanboy

Pegg: go listen to MCR

Me: go crank over pavement

Pegg: go and cry over hawthorne heights
Me: go put your wayfarers on and look at yourself in the mirror
Pegg: go and let out all your teen angst in a park with all your friends who are also so misunderstood.
Me: go roll your jeans up
Pegg: it took you that long to think of that? Go umm wear lots of black?

Pegg: oh wait, go comb your fringe

go back to myspace where you’re actually wanted XD

I wish this poster had this picture on it…

Fireflies and Empty Skies.

November 23, 2010


Tomorrow I need to:

  • Go to uni
  • Go to the library
  • Email Howard about getting a camera for Thursday
  • Get shit done
  • Locate motivation and spray it all over me
  • Feel really fucking good about the productive day I will have had


Left my dark little stale smoke smelling pit and went for a walk the other day, a rare feat

I should do again just to clear my head and realise things are in fact pretty amazing.

Saw a man wrestle a pike out of the reservoir

Wholeheartedly supported, aided and abetted vandalism


Post Rock is where it’s at.

I’m really getting into this sort of post-rock stuff, it makes me think a lot.

Laying in bed, watching Planet Earth and listening to God Is An Astronaut, Explosions In The Sky, Caspian and stuff, it blows my mother fucking mind.




September 21, 2010

This album has soothed every little world hating thought I’ve had this week.

Oh brain… how you get me every time I’ll never know.

How are you sure of anything? Anything could have made us like this, anything really. Instead of looking up for everything look in you, I’m aware of how corny that sounds but it’s in you, it really is, you either care or you don’t, you all started as good people, yeah you got corrupted by the things that happened to you but so fucking what? We all could have been that way but we chose not to be. I believe that, if one thing makes sense it’s choice, it’s logical and it’s human and it’s about you. No one will save you, no one CAN save you but you and thinking something has changed everything is pretty fucking depreciating to your confidence don’t you think? You make choices and when you finally do the right thing and choose something that changes/improves your life then well done, to you. You can’t tell me you aren’t proud of yourself.

Nothing will ever make me believe it’s god. this was pretty pointless wasn’t it because however much I talk and think that I’m getting somewhere or maybe finding something there’s too much resentment inside me to ever change the way I feel.

You are the reason I think so much and the reason I tie myself in knots trying to understand everything but, it’s ok, I hate you, I’ll always hate you from the bottom of my soul, but thank you, I find me more every time I have these moments.


September 7, 2010

Got cooked tea, rejected when I said I would wash up, got my route planned for the day, got lifts to and from the station, happy fucking days! I love my cousin.

I’m going back to Portugal on Thursday ^_^ *appropriate level of excitement*


I haven’t been in about 4 years, bearing in mind I went every summer, sometimes 3 times a year to the place I’m going Thursday, AND I’m going with people who are the shiznitch- another blog needs to be written about people who are that shit and that I miss, silly Peggle Knight who nearly left me, Lauren, who seems to never leave me, people I nearly left behind and people I fucking loved leaving behind.


Right now I miss these two sexpots the most



 I’m currently being cooked sesame and ginger poached chicken, happy days, I dunno about everything but life is pretty sweet today and I’ll take that ^_^

We’re gonna get drunk, we’re gonna get down, we’re gonna take drugs and we’re gonna get fucked.

August 18, 2010

Fred has been showing me some fucking awesome music the past few days. Bit of minimal drum and bass, check this…

Also, check Fred, listen to Ocelot, then be impressed.

clickety click>>> Chemikal Recipe


I found my Timberlands in my cupboard this morning, laced em up, looked at the stains on em, smiled as I was glad I wasn’t a chav with the retardashoe fold over ones.