Sad Panda

Posted August 17, 2010 by iamnotobsolete
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I’d probably shoot myself today if I could.

Bad day that nothing will solve.

we even got a rabbit called Alan today.


I keep thinking bout Pegg, my best friend ever, not coming back to Birmingham, ever.

I’ll stop being such a pussy now.


This be some seeeerious shiiiit…

Posted July 31, 2010 by iamnotobsolete
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I am scared.

Finally, someone sees the truth.

Posted July 22, 2010 by iamnotobsolete
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List of why Pat Morita made my life andJackie Chan is only good for Rush Hour.

  • J Chizzle cries like a little fucking baby halfway through.
  • Chinese kids surely all speak English?
  • Said Chinese kids understand ghetto Jaden Smith.
  • Yeah mom let’s just move to Beijing, never explain why.
  • Chopsticks, a fly. nuff said.
  • The 80’s.
  • It’s NOT KARATE its kung fu.
  • Pat Morita trims banzai trees and wears a bandana.
  • Pat Morita was in an Alien Ant Farm video, which although retarded, made me love them, plus you get to see Mr Miyagi run into a cinema screen and do karate voodoo and fix a broken leg.
  • I feel that if he were alive still we could be karate friends.

Apart from that, it was ok, had some funny parts, some shit, but never gon beat Daniel san is it?

Weird and molesty?

Mr Miyagi you changed my life maayynn.

best. thing. EVER

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I have discovered the best picture ever.



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This is how sleep mostly happens for me.

Imminent Threat

Posted July 19, 2010 by iamnotobsolete
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Nothing gets achieved until the threat is imminent.

This is how the thought of doing work is making me feel.


I’m hot.

We have an awesome fan


This is a more awesome fan.


Be safe and I will too.

Peace up, A town.

Emotion Moron.

Posted July 18, 2010 by iamnotobsolete
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So I’m at home and I’m happy and I’m sad.

I’ve just been here.


I’ve gotta drive back to this


Good fucking job I’m living next to this again next year…

Grab the plates and make sure they’re all spinning.

I am the least motivated person on this earth. All this advice is thrown at me all the time from everyone on what to do, what I’m not doing, what I should be doing, where I’m heading.

Not to get all “woe is me” or nothing and let’s be honest it’s not like I’ve stressed myself out working but have a little glance at where I’ve been if you can and try and get why I wanna just be in this happy empty place forever.

Zero actual responsibility.

Well, I’ve lost any ability to write and make sense.


Cryptic wasn’t what I was going for but I guess that’s how this sounds.


Pegg’s on it best:

” I can’t even explain it without sounding like an emotion moron that needs to man the fuck up.”

It’s like it feels like somehow you might die, it’s like the worst stomach sinking shit ever but it’s beautiful and you love it and it makes you feel sorta like, I don’t wanna finish the sentence, just like, relieved I suppose.

I’m gonna guess you give as much of a fuck about this little ramble as you do about me showing you this picture.